Major Civil Litigation Milestones:

Eric Franklin vs. Walgreens Louisiana, Co.
A disability discrimination case (settled)

John Bourgeois vs. US Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit
An ethnicity discrimination case (settled)

Kendall Bussey v. Ray Brandt Nissan, Inc.
An employment discrimination case (settled)

Renwick Clivens, et al vs. Ray Brandt Nissan, Inc.
An employment discrimination case

Nessia Mitchell-Adams v. AT&T Mobility Services, LLC
Workplace sexual harassment case (settled)

Christine Trimble v. AT&T Mobility Services, LLC
An age discrimination case (settled)

Eric Cane v. Exxon Mobile Corporation, Baton Rouge Chemical Plant
A military employment discrimination case (settled)

Carla Popularus vs. The State of Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Services Office of Legal Affairs:
A retaliation case pursuant to Title VII (Jury Trial).

Tyressa Gatlin vs. Coca ColaCo.:
An employment discrimination case (Arbitration).

James Robinson vs. Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System:
A case involving age discrimination (Jury Trial).

Terry Lewis vs. Lincoln Parish Police Jury:
An employment discrimi-nation case (Judge Trial).

Tamara Webb vs. Shell Exploration & Production Co.:
A breach of employment agreement (Mediation).

Succession of Leroy Wells:
A dispute over a Last Will and Testament (First Circuit Court of Appeal).

Gerald Castille vs. St. Martin Parish School Board:
A dispute concerning bus route assignments (Judge Trial).

Terri Brown vs. United State Department of Agriculture:
A wrongful termination case (Merit System Protection Board).

Esma Etienne vs. Spanish Lake Truck and Casino Plaza:
An employment discrimination case (initially dismissed by District Court; however, United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals re-versed District Court’s ruling and remanded same for trial).

Dionne Brantley vs. Dongwon Autopart Technology Alabama, LLC:
A sexual harassment casein Alabama (Settled).

Rachel Eschete vs. Con-El, Inc.:
A sexual harassment case (Settled).

Gwendolyn Williams vs. United States Postal Service:
A disability discriminationcase (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

Shirley Whitaker vs. Fedex Freight, Inc. & Fedex Corp:
A wrongful terminationcase (Settled).

Student Athletes
Assisted athletes with various NCAA compliance/eligibility matters.

A few of the personal Injury cases successfully handled after insurance companies denied coverage:
Josephine Casby vs. Geico
Taylor Davis vs. AAA
Sam Gibson vs. State Farm
Calvinisha Leonard, Felton Leonard and Michelle Porter vs. Geico

The cases above are only a representative sample of the successful outcomes that the Law Firm has achieved for its clients over the past several months. Thank you for your trust and your encouragement. We will continue to pursue truth and justice in every matter entrusted to us.